I wrote most of this right after my surgery in November.  It was difficult hearing what my voice sounded like, deep, low and I couldn't hold a pitch.  Any medium range tone would have this warbly thing happen that I couldn't control.  It was pretty scary for me; thinking I couldn't do it anymore.  Tim was a huge encouragement there..."Do what is necessary, do what' s possible and before you know it, you're doing the impossible."  He shared that in his sermonette at the beginning of the year...I can't tell you the life that spoke to my soul...

It's Here

Where can I go, 

That You won't be?

Where have I been

That you didn't see

Written in Your book,

My days for me

It's no surprise that I come beggin' 

At Your door.

Deliver me from this thing, I plead...

But it's here, here in this dark place,

You come shining.

Freeing me from these things that 

Bind me.

To all the broken things I hang onto

With all my might, all my life..

A sparrow will not fall, apart from Your word,

All that has come, comes with Your love

A millions grains is simply, simply not enough

The measure of your thoughts toward us...

It's here, here in the dark place,

That You come shining

through all the questions I keep on asking..

a million grains is simply, simply not enough

It's here, here you shine

It's here, I become aware of You