I wrote this after my treatment.  Floored after all the concern over what I would lose vocally and somehow this high note came out of my throat.  Shaky and uncentered, but there in a way it had not been there before.  I added another 1/2 verse after I was back home and thinking it needed a little more to it...The harmonies and call backs came about 15 mins before we had to finish our session...that is a miracle in itself....ask anyone's who's needed me to sing harmony for them  :-) 

Call to Worship

I can see a day 

When the morning comes, 

And no one's scared 

Of their dark..

I can see a day 

When the love light's shining,

In everybody's eyes..

I can see a day 

When there's no more war,

We stop this fight...

No more sickness,

No child dies too young,

No one grows old alone..

I see You...

I see You, end this night...

Release your inhibitions,

Open up your heart..

Dare yourself to be free,

To live, to love, to dance and to sing..

Join the chorus heaven rings

And be free