What An Incredible Trip

I was overwhelmed by our weekend in Grayling! What an incredible time. It did feel like we were visiting friends, but now it feels more like family. I’ve been amazed at how Pastor Bud and the entire congregation opened their hearts to me. This is my third time back. On our first visit, Bill and I showed up at the Days Inn where they were meeting, to lead an acoustic worship service. I was still walking with hesitation at the time…”Lord, am I really supposed to go back into music?” was a common question in my mind.

At my second visit, I was able to see the building God provided so they would no longer have to meet at the Days Inn. And now, I’ve seen the land God’s provided for the building of their own church. What a privilege to see His hand move like that. The property they are building on is beautiful. And as I’ve seen through these years, Pastor Bud is not concerned with the outside of the church or where they meet, but the inside, or rather, his church family and the needs of his congregation. They have such a heart to share Jesus with the community of Grayling. It’s exciting to see.

I got my socks blessed off because Pastor Bud allowed me to share a sermon…my first ever! WOW!! I was a little nervous, but had a strong sense that God would meet me once I took my step. He did…He is amazing indeed!
Talk to ya’ll later…