Grünewald Guild

I finally get the chance to tell you guys about my trip to the Grünewald Guild! It’s an ecumenical community in the Cascade Mountains whose mission is to allow faith and art to shine. One word sums it up…AMAZING!

I met a boatload of folks who really love the Lord and want to make space for art, truth and love to breathe. All you guys made such a huge impact in my life…thank you! Take some time to check them out here….

Making space for quiet and inspiration is difficult in my activity driven world. I live and love it here in full time ministry at Jpusa, but it was quite a treat to have more space for contemplation and prayer. The beauty surrounding me was breathtaking.

One of the founders of the Guild, Richard Caemmerer, began the week for us by sharing a new painting and his heart and hope for see God in the small things that for the most part, go unnoticed in our world….truly inspiring.

The songwriting class was amazing and focused. We began the week by dissecting some songs and getting a gist of what works and what doesn’t work in writing songs; learn all the rules and then break ’em basically. It was great. Jan Krist taught the class and she is as gracious and patient as a teacher, as she is gifted in the craft. It’s a true privilege to learn from her.

We wrote ALOT to get things going for our songs and shared thoughts and critique along the way. By the end of the week, each of us had finished at least one song we could share at the house coffeehouse and our communion service on Sunday morning.

Each of the artists actually brought the piece they worked on through the week, shared the heart and story behind it and placed in a table for us all to see and appreciate; an offering to the Lord. It was beautiful to see mercy, love, truth and compassion shared by His family.

We had devo’s in the am and vespers at night to close out the day…An amazing artist in the kitchen provided a feast for our tastebuds each night and many hands made light work in doing dishes, preparing breakfasts and all the things that keep this haven running. Personally, I loved working in the garden.

As I said, an stellar group of people on staff and then all the sweet folks who were attending and teaching the classes; a beautiful gathering of God’s people celebrating together…what a blast! I’ll post some pics soon…

I loved hiking up the side of a cliff with Andrea, jumping in the river with Sarah Jane, the walks with Diane and Robin, laughing in the kitchen with a crazy bunch of sweet, sweet gals and an art installation by Emily that took my breath away and ended with praying for each other and anointing our hands with oil. Jan prayed for me and was a constant source of encouragement through the week. She had to room with me!

I haven’t even mentioned the dancing, Yonnah and Chaim, Cynthia, Nathan, Erika, Dan, Lois, Sonna, Joanna,…the list goes on and on! My time with you was truly a gift from God…

peace to you,