Just Back

Hey ya’ll…I’m just back from St Louis.  It was an incredible trip…I was actually overwhelmed to be honest.  Pastor Don invited me to be part of some pretty significant moments in his flock.  Some of it was heartbreaking and further evidence that we are in a battle.  I continue to pray for all those we prayed for and hope that you can all find strength in our Lord. I’m reminded of Romans 8:28; ” And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. ”  Sometimes, it’s hard to believe what God says to us.  How many of us have been disappointed by promises made and broken?  Somehow through years of heartbreak, words begin to lose their meaning.  Or even worse, the words that remain in our minds are the destructive ones that take life and hope from us; rather than the life giving words of God.  I heard something referring to the average attention span of an adult.  It varies from 7-90 minutes!  Depending on the topic at hand.  At the bare minimum, a little longer than it takes to bake a potato.  At it’s peak, the length of a full length movie.   For today, can we ask God for the ability to believe His words through the darkness of our circumstances, for seven minutes ?   Maybe that 7 minutes can grow to 14, 21  and beyond that for today.  May we find comfort in the arms of our Savior.peace-a   

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