Hey guys…

Just a quick hello from the new site.  It’s somewhat symbolic with the new year and all.  It’s interesting how we all get a chance to start over in some ways every year.  No matter who we are or how we are doing, there is a calendar that tells us all, “We can start again”  New Years’ resolutions, hopes and vision for new things.  How much moreso we get that chance with God…and at any moment that we choose.  It’s almost too profound for words.  My personal challenge this year is to believe what He’s said…to take the moment and have faith.

It would be amazing to be unhindered by old fears and doubts from the past that somehow find their way into our thoughts.  Some thoughts we may battle till we’re gone, but maybe this year, the war won’t seem as hard as we take the challenge and walk on.  

God’s peace to you…


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