Hey guys!

We just got back from our vacation.  It was just amazing!  🙂  Spent the first few days in Bushnell, packing up some things and what not, made our way to Ohio for a wedding and then off to South Carolina to hit the beach!  I’ve been wanting to take Joshue to the ocean for a while and we finally did it!  The water wasn’t as clear as it is in the Gulf, but it was warm, wavy, salty and awesome!

Boogie boards, jellies, sunsets in all it’s glory.  What a gift to go  🙂  We stayed at Huntington Beach State Park so we got the ocean and a marsh…sharks and gators!  I can’t believe we stood maybe 7 feet away from a gator resting in the marsh.  He was ginormous and very dragon like!

At one point, Tim and Joshue had two baby hammerhead sharks swimming around them at the beach!  yikes!  I was kinda okay with that till one of the locals said, “Well you know their Mama is around here somewhere!”

Glad to be home and getting back into the rhythm of life here at JPUSA.

I’ll try to post some pics on FB, my nemesis.  😉



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