I’ve been off this for a bit while I’ve been squirming, but God is an amazingly loving Father. I can count three times when fear has just gotten so big in me that I can’t see. He faithfully sends someone around, either physically or even by phone, to remind me not to be afraid and that He has me…really, in every sense of the word. That just floors me.

I thank you for all your prayers and am looking forward to getting some more info from my doc tomorrow. A friend of mine encouraged me that my days were already numbered before one of them came to be. The challenge is to just rest in the One who loves more deeply than anyone I can ever encounter here.

Funny, that’s something I know in my head, but the movement from the head to the heart can be startling.

Anyhow, guys…really looking forward to heading out to share of His faithfulness once I know some more about my health. I’m putting a couple of dates together as we speak. I’ll post them as soon as things come together…

peace and strength to you,

2 thoughts on “hmmm…

  1. Yes and yes indeed! Such great new songs, a wonderful site here… keep writing, text and music, it’s a very good and creative time for you. Also really encouraged by your honest reaching up and out- this is SO key, especially in difficult times.

    And thanks for your prayers for Wendi… her hip’s been really hurting this past week from her arthritis!!

    Prayers coming your, Tim and Josh’s way!! -Glenn

  2. Thank you so much, Glenn…God is amazing me. Thank you for all your prayers and for teaching me well through all these years 🙂

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