Hey there,
I’ve been a member of Jesus People USA for 20 years now. Intentional community living has been a beautiful thing, yet difficult from time to time. In an intentional community, there’s nowhere to hide from the uglier sides of ourselves….argh! I continue to face those sides of me and ironically enough, am even surprised by them from time to time.

I’m happy to see my youngest son grow up to be more and more like his Dad, who is quite an amazing man. 🙂 I’ve had the blessing of helping raise my husband’s three older kids and I’ve done a lot of growing up myself.

I continue down a road of wonder where music and creativity is concerned. It’s a place of constant discovery and I’m floored to have the opportunity to hear the songs of Love in and around me. I hope to continue to discover that Love and even more in the midst of all the things that clammer for my attention.