My story in a nutshell…
At the beginning of August of 2010, someone noticed a swelling in my throat and encouraged me to have it checked out. No one thought it could be anything serious, especially me. After a couple of months of testing, it was confirmed that I had a nodule growing in each of the three parts of my thyroid. Your thyroid is a smallish organ at the base of your neck and it’s shaped like a butterfly. Each nodule was at least 2.5 cm long and just a shy thinner, with the largest being close to 5 cm.
I had to make a decision, to have a surgery or treat it naturally. The biopsy couldn’t confirm whether the largest nodule was cancerous or not, but the surgeon and his staff had a hunch. I did make an attempt at treating it naturally, but finally settled with the surgery. It was a scary thing, some folks are left with permanent vocal damage.
On 11/19/10, I had a total thyroidectomy. The surgery took longer than expected, the surgeon said the entire thing was about the size of a grapefruit and was growing up and into my neck, over and around the nerves controlling my vocal folds. About a week later, it was confirmed by the lab that the largest nodule, was actually cancerous. Papillary Thyroid Cancer is the most easily treatable cancer with an extremely high survival rate, for that I’m grateful.
Approximately three months later, a full body scan showed a spot that surprised the folks at the nuclear therapy department. Papillary cancer usually doesn’t spread, but I have a small spot where it’s metastasized to my hip. It’s been in my system a really long time.
So here I am, approximately a month after my radioactive iodine treatment, my TSH levels are balanced out, and waiting to see if the dosage was high enough to take care of all the cancer in my system. I’m shocked that I’m battling a bit of depression. How is that even possible?! God met me in unbelievable ways through the support of my community and the gift of His presence and music there with me throughout my hospitalization and isolation. How is that even possible?! Yet, here I am… the human condition is both beautiful and puzzling. A friend of mine mentioned the story in 1 Kings when Elijah ran from Jezebel after the amazing move of God in chapter 18, it was comforting and insightful to read the story again.
So I bring you this collection of the songs I wrote while I was in and out of the hospital. There is a blurb on each one to give you an idea of when it was written, what was going on and I’ve included the text. It stirs my soul to read them again and I hope you too are moved to see beyond your limitations, to the eternal life of God.

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End This Night (Lyrics / MP3)
Run Away – Remix (Lyrics / MP3)
Free – Remix (Lyrics / MP3)
In This Dark – Remix (Lyrics / MP3)
Purple Flowers – Remix (Lyrics / MP3)