In The Sandbox, Aracely Bock

In The Sandbox is available at the Grrr Records website.

Recorded in a home studio using condenser mics, some reverb, and an old acoustic guitar processor, we created something intimate. In the Sandbox takes a glimpse into a soul’s yearning for our Creator, with the gentle reminder to take time to “play in the sandbox” with Him as well.

We recorded the guitar and vocal tracks separately, and the imperfections remained. Greg Hurley later added the fretless bass, bluesy slide guitar and even a dobro. Bill Russell, the engineer, added his own flavor with the acoustic guitar and a power chord here and there. Honest and contemplative, may it lead you to worship our God with a deepened vulnerability.

The picture on the cover? It’s not me. More than 20 years ago, Tom and Janet Cameron took their daughter Brittany to the beach and she touched sand for the first time… Janet captured that moment in this sketch. What a gift, thank you for sharing it with me, Janet.